Friday, 1 July 2011

For my Angels

How Many Pieces

How many loving pieces,
Can one heart give away?

Until it’s too small and broken,
To beat day after day.

You see I have two Angels,
Each hold a piece of my heart,
I gave it to them willingly,
Right from the very start.

When my first Angel took a piece,
I gave it with no fear,
Certain I would get it back,
With his birth later that same year.

But my precious little angel,
Silently slipped away,
So I pledged he could hold my heart,
Forever and a day.

With my second little angel,
I knew the danger of raw pain,
That if I gave a piece away,
I may never see it again.

That didn’t stop me giving,
And giving with such love,
But now my angel hugs my heart,
As she looks down from above.

So as I sit here crying,
With an empty womb and empty arms,
And a heart too bruised and shattered,
To protect me from more harm.

I don’t regret the love I gave,
Or that my angels have my heart,
They earned it as they grew in my,
And they really left their mark.

The question that I ask myself,
And will ask it everyday,
Is do I have enough heart left
For when more angels come to stay?

Written for Lumpy and Pup
Mummy loves you and misses you all the time.
Night night and sweet dreams.


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