Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Love at first sight

I dont know why but I started to get a little nervous the day before Squirts scan.
P wasnt helping, he went all quiet and I could tell he was scared.
He admitted it but said it was because of the memories of that scan room more than anything.

Why were we both scared?
We had heard Squirts hb that very day, he was alive, and kicking, from the sounds of it!
But there was still those tiny flutters of nerves.

At the sametime I still knew Squirt would be ok but I couldnt make the nerves vanish completely, it was strange.

The minute that ultrasound probe was pressed against my stomach and I saw Ps face light up and him say wow I relaxed!
Of course Squirt had grown, of course he was ok!
I guess somebody who is that precious to you, you will never take for granted.
They have to be seen to be believed.

Although I knew what a 12 week ultrasound looked like I couldnt believe that Squirt had grown that much in 4 weeks.
From a tiny little blob to a fully formed baby.
He has a perfect little button nose and gorgeous little lips.
The ultrsound tech even counted all his fingers and toes, I was blown away!

And we werent wrong.
He is so very active!
He spent the entire scan kicking me or trying to eat his hand!
He even waved at P but I missed that because the ultrasound tech hadnt turned the screen enough!

Now I know I am biased but Squirt is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!
I am more in love with him than I thought was possible!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New Ground

It seems Squirt is one active little baby.
I am so glad we started using the doppler early on as I think if we had first tired now we would have been discouraged.

At 9 weeks he was so easy to find as he seemed to hang out in the same place all the time.
Obviously now at 11 weeks he is alot more mobile and moves so much we end up chasing him around with the doppler!

His heartbeat has got much stronger in those 2 weeks and there are lots of movement noises going on in ther aswell.
I find it so amazing to be able to hear how my precious baby is developing inside me.

We have our 12 week scan next monday and I cant wait to see Squirt and see how much he has changed since his blob photo we have!

Aswell as hearing changes I can also see changes in me.
My stomach has got a noticeable bulge to it now, just above my bikini line.
That bulge is Squirt growing up into my tummy, I love it!
I am also getting covered in blue veins, another thing I find amazing!

I guess the next big change will be me starting to show and feeling kicks which I know wont happen for a while but they will be well worth the wait!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Doppler £50, Ultrasound Gel £3....................

....................Hearing your babies heartbeat for the first time, Priceless!!

We invested in a home doppler, a proper one, it may have cost alot but I dont care.
It is worth every penny and is the best thing I have ever bought.

At first I was scared to use it, what if we couldnt find Squirt and I got all worried for no reason.
But P convinced me that by week 9 we should find our little Squirt, so I braved my fears and we tried.

Almost straight away we heard the most amazing sound, one I will never forget as long as I live.
The fast galloping, steady beat of our babies heart, coming from within my tummy!
I couldnt speak, I just laid there grinning at P, almost unable to believe that was Squirt, but at the same time knowing without a doubt it really was him.
My precious baby, with a strong fast heartbeat!

I could listen to that sound all day long, it is beautiful.
Ive recorded it on my phone, so that whenever I need to hear it I can.

Squirt has a hb of between 160-180 at 9 weeks.
I cannot wait to hear how it changes over the next 31 weeks as he grows bigger and stronger!