Saturday, 1 June 2013

My Joy

Although Ive had nearly a month to wrap my head around it, I still cannot get used to the fact that I have a One year old!

My baby is no longer a baby.

She can walk all by herself and does so all the time. Crawling is for babies apparently!

We had such a brilliant time celebrating our gorgeous girls birthday and Squirt was on top form as always!

Every day that goes by makes me love her just a little bit more, depsite loving her so much that it feels like there isnt room for it to grow any bigger!

And if Im struggling to wrap my head around how grown up my tiny baby now is, what I found out yesterday is positively mind blowing!

Im pregnant again!

I couldnt be happier as we really really hoped for less than a two year age gap.
But with still breastfeeding I wasnt exactly holding my breath that we would have much luck!

If its possible it feels even more surreal than finding out I was pregnant with Squirt.
It just doesnt seem real, that my body is capable of such a miracle once amazed me.
To have it perform this amazing feat twice just blows me away!

Im having a hard time imaging a new baby without imagining Squirts happy little face smiling back at me!
She is the only baby I know, how will this new one be different?!

I guess I mustve had a feeling I was pregnant as I brought the subject of baby number two up with my friends the other day.

How do you love your second child as much as you love your first born?

Squirt is my everything.
She is my Joy.
My Sunshine.
My Happiness.
My Laughter.
My Frustration.
My life

How can another baby possibly measure up?

But then I catch myself daydreaming abouyt my growing belly and that oh so sweet baby bump that I so longed for and finally got with Squirt.

That first flutter and all those subsequent kicks that are a secret between just you and your unborn baby.

That feeling when they take their first breath and snuggle their warm skin into you.

And I realise that I already love this baby with my whole heart and it can only grow stronger each day.