Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Love at first sight

I dont know why but I started to get a little nervous the day before Squirts scan.
P wasnt helping, he went all quiet and I could tell he was scared.
He admitted it but said it was because of the memories of that scan room more than anything.

Why were we both scared?
We had heard Squirts hb that very day, he was alive, and kicking, from the sounds of it!
But there was still those tiny flutters of nerves.

At the sametime I still knew Squirt would be ok but I couldnt make the nerves vanish completely, it was strange.

The minute that ultrasound probe was pressed against my stomach and I saw Ps face light up and him say wow I relaxed!
Of course Squirt had grown, of course he was ok!
I guess somebody who is that precious to you, you will never take for granted.
They have to be seen to be believed.

Although I knew what a 12 week ultrasound looked like I couldnt believe that Squirt had grown that much in 4 weeks.
From a tiny little blob to a fully formed baby.
He has a perfect little button nose and gorgeous little lips.
The ultrsound tech even counted all his fingers and toes, I was blown away!

And we werent wrong.
He is so very active!
He spent the entire scan kicking me or trying to eat his hand!
He even waved at P but I missed that because the ultrasound tech hadnt turned the screen enough!

Now I know I am biased but Squirt is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!
I am more in love with him than I thought was possible!

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