Monday, 21 November 2011


16 weeks today!

I am getting really bad at updating this.
I promised myself I would write on here or in my diary at least once a week so I would have something to look back on once Squirt was here.

Well I am just as bad at keeping my diary up to date.
The one thing I have been good at doing is taking weekly pictures of my bump and weighing myself. ( I am strill 2 lbs down on my prepregnancy weight!)

But I have an excuse.
We have been very busy with sorting out moving house.
Contracts are exchanged and we are set to move on 19th December.
It doesnt really bother me that it is very close to Christmas, I just want to get into our new house and get settled.
But it will mean I will be kept busy right up to Squirts 20 week scan so Im hoping that makes time fly!
(Its is currently 3 weeks and 4 days away, not that Im counting or anything!)

Aswell as changes to our home I am noticing lots of changes in me.
I seem to have popped, finally!
I have had a small bulge for around 6-8 weeks now but this morning when I took my picture, I actually have a proper bump. A tiny one but a proper one!
And aswell as this my boobs are still growing, which I am more than pleased about now they have stopped constantly hurting!

But more exciting than my boobs being bigger is feeling Squirt move!!
I thought I had felt him a while ago but I dont think that was him.
However around 3 weeks ago I woke up and felt a sensation of a bubble popping just under my skin!
I just knew it was Squirt!
Since then I feel him on and off, some days more than others.
It is great feeling those little flutters but I am still very excited to feel his strong little kicks. Who knows how soon that will be.

My morning sickness is almost gone.
I was excited yesterday morning because Ihadnt been sick in a week,
Then I went and ate too much yesterday and was sick in the middle of the night!
So it remains to be seen if it is really gone or not.

Having our doppler is really helping me get to our ultrasound without going crazy.
Even with feeling Squirt move there is no substitute for hearing that little heart beating away.
Always so fast, always so strong.
It sounds almost busy, like it has so much to do and so little time!
But even the doppler isnt without worry.

A few days ago we thought we heard Squirts heart slow a little so obviously I worried instantly!
But then I realised it was actually the cord and not his heart and he had just kicked it away.
Then the same thing happened today and we realised that actually it probably wasnt even the cord, but my heartbeat getting mixed up with his, which makes sense because it slows to the exact same rate as mine!
We think it is my blood vessel that supplies the uterus, it definately is not Squirt anyway!
I hate how easily I can get worried about Squirt, but was so relieved to reaslise he is ok and his little heart is as strong as ever!

And now the first outward sign I have of Squirts exastance, my bump!

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