Monday, 26 September 2011

Cloud Nine

Today we went for our first u/s for Squirt.

It was an emergency scan because I had some heavyish spotting on saturday and was terrified I might lose Squirt.
The spotting stopped completely a couple of hours after it began and was replaced with brown cm which was gone by Sunday afternoon.

Strangely enough after the initial shock of seeing the blood I actual still had a good feeling about Squirt and this morning on the way to the hospital I didnt have that same fear Id had with Pup and Lumpy.
I felt calm and excited to see my baby!

I guess Mum knows best because we saw our precious Squirt on the screen almost straight away!
Squirts heart beating away is the most beautiful and perfect sight I have ever seen and I will never forget that moment!
P was crying while we were looking at Squirt and I just couldnt stop grinning!
Our baby, our Squirt is alive and has a heartbeat!
Aswell as having a heartbeat Squirt is measuring exactly the right size, down to the the day that FF keep telling me right!
So I am 7+6 today and go back in exactly 4 weeks time to see my gorgeous Squirt again!

I have never been so happy!

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