Monday, 16 April 2012

So near.....Yet so far!

Full Term: 37 weeks!

It feels like we have reached a huge milestone.
Although for the last few weeks Squirt would probably have been absolutely fine if she had arrived early she is now officially considered ready for life outside of me!

As much as I am counting the days until P and I get to meet her I also find it a very strange thought to not be carrying her around in my belly anymore.
For all these weeks I have had her completely to myself.
I can feel her kick and roll every single time she moves.
I feel her tiny hiccups.
Other people can only feel it when they touch my belly.

The thought of someone else holding her and me not knowing what she is doing seems so strange and odd to me.
I guess its something that takes time to get used to.
I hope Im not going to be a clingy Mum!

Another thing I think I will find it hard to adjust to is not having my huge belly anymore!
As uncomfortable and achey as I am I spent so long wishing for a baby belly that I completely love mine!

I loved watching it grow over the weeks, from a tiny bulge to a proper round baby belly.
I love rubbing my belly and knowing that Squirt can feel me touching her.
I love looking pregnant!

I said to P the other day that I will probably start freaking out once she is born that I am not feeling her move, forgetting that she is no longer inside me!

But with all these things that I have gotten used to that I will miss I will get the greatest gift in exchange.
I will get to finally meet my precious rainbow baby girl and I just cannot wait!

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