Saturday, 28 April 2012

39 weeks today!

I have been really busy since I last posted, nesting is a powerful thing!
I finished work a week and a half ago and straight away made a start on painting the lounge.
I dont know what it was but it just had to be done, I couldnt leave it.
Somehow I felt that if Squirt arrived before the lounge was done it would be a huge disaster!

Well disaster averted because today E came round and did the wall papering for me.
I had painted the other 3 walls but I have no clue how to wall paper!
It looks lovely and Im so pleased it is now all finished!

I also hung up the 'Sweet Dreams' bunting in Squirts Nursery the other day.
It looks so pretty and I am really happy with it!

P and T also spent the whole day sorting out our en suite.
They got the shower screen fitted, finally!
And plan to do the flooring tomorrow.
I almost dare to hope that I will actually be able to have a shower next week!

So all this has been going on and what has Squirt been up to?
Not alot really!
She is still incredibly comfortable in there.
Too comfortable for her own good!

Aside from increasingly noticeable BHs I havent really had any sign that she is planning on leaving my belly anytime soon!
Obviously I want her to come when she is ready, but at the same time I would like some indication of how much longer I have to wait to meet her.
It already feels like I have been waiting forever because of Lumpy and Pup and I could be waiting up tp 19 more days if she makes me go to be induced!

But having said that she is more than worth the wait.
I have been waiting for her since the first time I found out I was pregnant.
That now seems a lifetime away.
So those 19 more days pale into insignificance when I think how I could still be waiting to even get pregnant.

I am so lucky to have my precious baby girl kicking and rolling around in my belly.
I am so lucky to have the chance to be a mummy.
I am so lucky to have to wait as long as my little girl decides is neccessary for her to be ready to meet me!
After all she is the most important little person in the whole world, so its only fair that she gets to decide on when we meet.

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