Monday, 5 March 2012

Feathering the nest

Its been a while....again!

I was sure I wrote on here last week but obviously I didnt.
Nor the week before.

Me and Squirt are now into single figures of how much time we have left as one person.
I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that soon she will be her own person, separate of me, outside of me.
It seems like we will never be apart and I guess thats why the bond between a Mother and her child is so strong.

We share so much together in these 9 months that nothing can ever come close to that.

I have been noticing her getting hiccups alot more these past few weeks.
I guess its because she is slowly getitng bigger that before I wasnt always noticing them.
I find it really cute, and also wonder if they annoy her as much as they annoy someone who is more aware of them.
Sometimes I think they must do because I feel her hiccup a few times and then she starts thrashing around as if she is trying to make them stop!

I saw the midwife again last week and she checked to see if Squirt was still transverse.
And she is not!
She is now head down, albeit in her own way.
She had her head pointing towards my right hip with her body wrapped around my belly button and her feet on my left.
Although that was almost a week ago now and I think she may be more 'head down, feet up' now as Ive felt a few kicks higher up and her hiccups were definately more central today.

Hearing that she is getting into position makes me so excited.
It makes her arrival seem so much more real and iminent!

I have made alot of progress with her nursery, there is now hardly anything left to do (aside from finding room for all the cute things I have ordered that I am waiting to be delivered!)
T and E brought her changing unit round at the weekend so today I put the last 3 shelves up- with a little help from P this time because it became abit tricky and I got all upset that her beautiful walls were ruined!

A few weeks ago I put up the writing and winnie the pooh stickers, which look so pretty.
Today I also cleaned her carrycot all ready for when the mattress for it arrives.

I just need (well want!) to buy some baskets for her changing unit and then I will really be 100% completely ready for her to arrive.

But at the same time I feel so unprepared.
It doesnt make any sense.
I want her here so so much.
I am so excited to finally meet her, to see her little face and know what she looks like.
To hold her in my arms is going to be the most amazing experience.

Yet I feel like she cant come yet because the house isnt perfect.
There is still so much to do in the rest of the house.
And it doesnt make any sense.
Because she is a baby.
She wont care if the lounge is painted a pretty colour or not, or if we have pictures on the wall.
But it still unsettles me.

I guess thats  why they call it nesting.
Its not just her nursery, its the whole house that my pregnant brain wants to 'make ready' for her arrival.

Well at least it will keep me occupied I suppose!

I need to take more pictures of the nursery as this is a few weeks old but here is another look at the progress of the house and me!

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