Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Feels like Love

I am 17 + 2 today and getting ever closer to seeing Squirt again!! (2 weeks and 3 days incase you were wondering!)

I already said Id felt Squirt move a few weeks ago, and was wondering how long it would take until I felt him kick.
I didnt have long to wait!
Last Friday, when I was 16 + 4 I was lying in bed not feeling very much like I would sleep when I felt it!
There was no mistaking it even though obviously I have never felt my baby kick me before!
I knew instantly it was Squirt.
It felt like a far away thud but with the delicacy of a bubble popping (I stole part of that description from someone else but it perfectly describes how it feels!)
I have felt him kick every day since then, some times more obvious than others.
Everytime I feel it I smile, my precious baby is getting big and strong enough to connect with me, I find it amazing!

Apparently by this stage he can hear us aswell, although Im sure we sound very odd and muffled to him!
I wonder how long it will be before he reacts and kicks when we talk to him.

Looking at my belly photo form this week and judging by some comments I have got I do look pregnant in most of my clothes but I still dont feel like I do.
I feel chubby and feel lilke I just look chubby and not at all pregnant!
I guess it depends what Im wearing but hopefully soon it will be obvious that my expanding belly is thanks to Squirt and not because I am festively plump!

And so much for my morning sickness being gone!
I have been sick 3 times in the last 5 mornings and only wasnt sick this morning because I forced down a biscuit just in time!
I hope it is not going to stick around too much longer because it is not a fun way to start the day!
But thankfully I am actually liking food again during the day so I have that to be happy about!

I have done quite abit of packing in the last week, I suppose I dont have much time left to get it all done really. Most of the small bits and pieces downstairs are packed away now, except for things form the kitchen but there is still lots to do.
I am just glad that I have most of my energy back or it would be a complete nightmare!

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