Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Im a Mummy!!!

Isla Rose Slater is finally here!

She was born on 12th May, like I kind of always knew she would be!

It comforts me that she was born on my Grandmas birthday. I like to think it means that she was sitting up there keeping an eye over Isla for those 9 months and helping to keep her safe for me.

I cannot quite believe Isla is one month and one day old already!
She has kept us so busy that this is the first chance Ive had to write anything in here!

I just read through my last post, the one I wrote 6 days before she was born, before my life changed forever!
I was right about one thing in that post.
That looking back now, now that I know what labour is really like it is laughable that I wouldnt know I was in labour!
It hurt!

But I did come close to not knowing if I wa in real labour or not.
If it wasnt for Paul I wouldve stayed at home alot longer.
Although I knew I was in labour I thought it would take hours and hours for me to dilate enough to be allowed into the delivery room.
But I was wrong about that!

Being a mummy is the most surreal, scary and brillaint thing in the world!
The first two weeks were so overwhelming, I felt so out of my depth and like I was doing everything wrong.

I still feel lost and unsure but Isla and I are getting to know each other and slowly I am feeling more confident that I know what is best for her.
After all she is my daughter!
I love her so so much, and when she smiles at me I love her even more and my heart just melts!

Right now she is sleeping and I really should be too!
I dont get much chance for sleep these days!

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