Thursday, 2 February 2012

Packing a Punch

I mentioned sometime last week that I could feel Squirt getting stronger.
Well this week her strength seems to have increased massively!
I dont know if it is the position she is in or that she has learnt a new trick that makes it easier to move herself around but she has been getting in some serious blows!

I was lying on the sofa, exhausted after yet more decorating a couple of nights ago and I felt the hardest kick I have yet.
Except it wasnt just a kick.
It felt like she was digging her foot into my stomach wall and then dragging her foot along while pushing against me.
Perhaps she is using me as a way to turn herself around while using minimal effort.
Whatever she was doing she clearly enjoyed it as this was repeated about 10 times in the space of what seemed like 5 minutes.
The only thing that stopped her was me poking her repeatedly until she got the messgae that Mummy was not enjoying this feeling and she should stop now!

Since then she has tried this trick a few more times so she is clearly just as stubborn as me!
Although it wasnt the most comfortable feeling Ive ever experienced I am secretly glad that she is able to annoy me, as it shows just how big and strong she is getting.
Which obviously can only be a good thing!

As I mentioned just now I havent slowed down on the decorating front.
Squirts nursery is now Lilac and beautifully girly.
I absolutely love it and am really pleased with how it turned out.
Today I did the first coat of white on the wood and also bought her cot inside.

All that is left to do is do the second coat of white on the wood and then the cot can go up!
I also bought all the shelves for her nursery the other day so they are ready and waiting to be put up.
I may attempt them on my own or I may make P help me, Ill see how brave I feel!

T also told me the other day that he has made a start on her changing table/carrycot stand.
I get so excited when I think about it all coming together and how cute it is going to look!

While I was busy painting her nusrsery the other day P went off into town to get his hair cut.
He came home and came racing upstairs telling me he had also been shopping.
He had bought Squirt her first cuddley toy, the softest bunny rabbit!
He had also bought her some pink baby shoes with mice on, they are so small!
He was so excited to show me and I just wanted to give him a big hug cos I love how much he is looking forward to her being her, he is such a softie!

Im not sure if it was all the excitement of decorating and all the energy I was using but I started to feel really rough the beginning of this week.
I thought maybe it was an early 3rd Trimester energy slump and was feeling very hard done by if I was only gonna get 8 weeks of feeling like a human.
I also started throwing up again 3 mornings in a row so I was sure I was on a downhill slope from here until Squirt arrived.
But for the last couple of days although I have been exhausted I have not thrown up so I am looking on the bright side and hoping it was just a blip.

One thing I have noticed this week is that I am starting to get that dark line down my belly.
I wouldnt say it is exactly dark yet but it is defnately there.
And my wierd belly has decided it has to be slightly off centre, only mine would do that!

I have just had a freaky and slightly scary realisation.
P was just asking me at how many weeks his cousin was born compared to where Squirt is now.
Well Squirt is 2 days off from being the same gestation as Ps cousin was born at.
So then I thought I would figure out how far off she is from when P himself was born.
If she takes after her daddy she wil;l be here in 7 weeks.
7 weeks!
That is nothing, no time at all, less than 2 months.

Although I would love to see her because I am so so looking forward to her being here I dont want her to come too early!
So that thought  scares me a little.
No it scares me alot!

So I have had words with Squirt and told her that she must do as we say and not as we do!

And to finish, once again here is my growing belly:

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